The Three-Step Method

The Three-Step Method

Do you often feel like you are pulling mules when trying to make a sale? Do you struggle to get a yes from customers or clients, or even a reluctant reaction? Here’s what you are doing wrong: your marketing process is too much for your target market. It goes right through their brains instead of resonating with them. You should use the three-step method and simplify things for them.

Are you utilizing the three-step method?

People like it when things are easy to remember. Breaking your processes down into a three-step method helps people retain information better. As humans, we like things that are easy to remember and simplified. It also allows you to give your clients negatives and positives to using (or not using) your business. Start using the three-step method, and you’ll find it’s easier to market yourself!

Why the ‘three-step’ method?

Listen, we understand figuring out how to market yourself, your business, or your product is challenging. Knowing exactly what to say or what marketing avenues to use can be tricky. It can be so easy to overthink and make things complicated! You don’t need all that fancy wording. Stick with threes. Here’s why: it’s memorable, repetitious, and offers clarity.

1) Memorable

People are not going to read an intricate article about your products or services. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Instead, they will scan it. They need something short, to the point, and straightforward. Using the three-step method gives a person simplicity and clarity, which in turn will make it memorable. Use keywords in your marketing strategy or words that perfectly sum up what you are trying to sell. Keywords can be a great starting point!

2) Repetition

The most critical way to market your brand or product to your target market is through repetition. Repeat it over and over again! Your ideal clients need to hear your message a thousand times before it starts to stick with them. Utilizing the three-step method can be used repetitiously. If your target market can nail down those three points you’ve been trying to make, they are more likely to buy your product.

3) Clarity

Lastly, utilizing the three-step method can give your target market clarity. Yes, this is your chance to be direct! Reach them with your keywords. You can be extremely simple and to the point here. It will allow your ideal customer to understand you and know if you are a good fit for them. It can help you surpass the crowd you are trying to sift through and reach that person you’ve been searching for.

How do I use threes?

Are you already worrying about what you’re doing wrong in marketing? Don’t stress, because you have us to help. As a marketing business, we understand what you are missing, where you can grow, and what can be improved. Start by contacting us, meeting with us, and then watch your marketing plan move forward. You don’t have to understand the intricacies of marketing. That’s why we are here. Contact us today about marketing and let’s brainstorm!

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