Newsletters - Your Customers Need It

Newsletters – Your Customers Need It

Newsletters. What do you think of when you see that word? You’re probably thinking of a nicely folded piece of paper you have received in the mail. Just more advertisements and paper to throw out. Or, another thing to add to your “review later” pile. That isn’t the kind of newsletter we’re referencing. We mean digital newsletters. And you should be sending your clients one.

Why should I send my clients a newsletter?

We understand how that sounds. You have to create an email list and ask for subscribers. More emails for customers to sift through. More junk and more time. And, more work for you. Here’s what we mean: your newsletters can be simple and get your clients coming back.

Here are three reasons newsletters work: connectivity, specials, and your chance to sell.

1) Connectivity

If you understand your ideal customer, you can connect with them. You know their interests, what they need, and why they need your service or product. Connecting with your clients through a newsletter allows for personability with your customers. Your customer can continue developing a relationship with your business. By doing so, clients you already have are more likely to return. It also means you can sift through the crowd you’re advertising to and gain true clients or find your target market.

2) Specials

The best avenue for including specials is within a newsletter. You can take advantage of newsletters by only including discounts within, instead of advertising elsewhere. Returning customers (or subscribers) can receive exclusive discounts or deals instead of new customers who will never return. For those returning customers, they can find “sneak peaks” of products not yet live to the public. As a result, it makes them feel special, which increases their incline to buy.

3) Chance to Sell

Lastly, your top benefit to doing a newsletter is your chance to sell. Sell, sell, sell! From the relationship you’ve developed with returning customers/clients, you can sell your products or services that benefit them the most. Because you understand your target market, you know what they need. This is your chance to include a sales letter containing more details on a product or proof they can benefit from downloadable PDFs. Make your client feel important and understood! By taking advantage of and using the right words, you can increase the likelihood of your target market using your service.

How do I make a newsletter?

That’s where we come in. You don’t have to make a newsletter all by yourself! You should not have to. It can be a lot of work especially when you aren’t familiar with the lingo or marketing. Wipe that sweat off your brow, and relax. We understand how to design, write, and send a newsletter to your clients. We have the tools. All you need to do is to contact us. Brilliant Impact has experience with sending newsletters from various clients and can get the wording correct for your ideal target market. Contact us today and let’s create an appealing newsletter for your clients.

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