8 Ways to Bring the Heat to Your Digital Marketing

8 Ways to Bring the Heat to Your Digital Marketing

Summer is winding down and the crisp air of fall is here. There is no better time to bring the heat to your business’s digital marketing. Days in front of the fire just might inspire you to find new ways to bring the heat to your digital marketing.  


8 Ways to Bring the Heat to your Digital Marketing


Get your own website

Okay people I do hope that this one gets a little bit of an eye roll and an exclamation of, “duh”, because YES you need a website. Quite often the website is the first true confirmation that you are going for it, you are going to chase your dreams and run your own business. Google is your friend, this is how the majority of people will search for the services you supply. 


Update your website design or get a new one altogether

People like things that are beautiful and catch their attention. People also get desensitized to things they have seen over and over. If your website is old and basic it just might be time to refurbish and update it.


Create a recognizable logo

Another way to bring the heat is to create a logo that represents your brand. Many businesses start out with a well thought out name. The website gets launched and there is never a true logo or you realize you need a new updated logo. 


Build up your brand recognition

One of the most recognizable logos out there is the golden arches of McDonalds. Any time you see them you think McDonalds. No product description is needed to know what you will find there. Having a great and memorable logo is one important piece of building your brand identity and being recognized for what you do.


Get on social media

The quickest and often most effective way to turn up the heat on your digital marketing is to enter into the world of social media. A quick 30 second post can gain more attention in a few minutes than a stack of postcards can reach in months. 


Interact on social media with your clients

Building a brand is more personal than ever. People want to interact with you and in a sense create a bond or a connection with the brand. Social media is a perfect way to be accessible to your customers. Posting videos or photos of your process. Giveaways or question and answer sessions are a great way to connect directly with your current or potential customers.


Make an awesome video

Using videos is a great way to reach more people. People are more likely to watch a video than read a long post alone. Videos can be used on websites, social media or YouTube. There are so many ways to use videos to promote your business.


Get a digital ad 

Digital ads are where it’s at right now. They are everywhere. Every time that you log on or scroll through an app you are seeing ads. Having your brand pop up on someone’s daily scroll creates brand recognition and a higher chance they will remember you when they are looking for your service.


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