Has the Sun Set on Your Old Website 5 Signs That It's Time to Update Your Website

Has the Sun Set on Your Old Website? 5 Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Website

Do you run your own business? Not sure how much time, effort, or money you want to invest in advertising? What if we told you that you have the power to control the direction of your field with the right plan and tools – because you can!


Whether you have been in business for 9 months or 30 years, there is always room for growth. Let’s start with your website. When was the last time you actually visited your website for an update? Does it feel like the sun has set on your website? Now is the time to put focus on your website! 


5 Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Website


Sometimes, it can be hard to decide the right time to move your company in a new direction. Here are ‘5 Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Website’ (and game-changing solutions)!


  1. Your website may be missing key information. You are possibly missing out on major opportunities to connect with your audience. Tip: Create ways for your customers to receive news and promotions.
  2. Your brand has grown. Have you noticed more in-person traffic? Help future customers find you online more easily. Grow your website to meet the demands of your customers! Tip: Help your customers stay up-to-date with the latest products and news through email promotions. 
  3.  Your website is slowing down on the traffic. Have you provided surveys for your customers? What are ways your customers find your business? Hopefully, “internet” is among the top three ways you are found – if not, it is time for a website revamp! Tip: Create a user friendly website that is easy to navigate through. Display your mission statement, services, hours, and forms of communication. 
  4. Your website is outdated. It is very important to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing market. Tip: Use sources and materials that are no more than five years old (i.e., for medical businesses)
  5. Your website is not mobile-friendly. Have you ever scrolled through a website on your phone, only to find that everything is crowded together or there is no smooth flow? This is a good sign that the site is not suitable for mobile devices.


To manage a successful website, assign an employee or find a website company to focus on your website. Tasks can be as simple as updating content to studying trends in the market. 


Let The Light Shine Through Your Website


The transformation does not need to cost you precious time and money! Create a plan that will allow you to reach your dreams and goals. Continue to grow with your audience and make a connection with them! Remember, you are in the driver’s seat of your business, give your customers a ride they will always want to remember!

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