Do I need a website

Do I Actually Need a Website?

One question we consistently get from potential clients is “Do I actually need a website? Isn’t my Facebook page enough?” While social media pages are important to running a successful small business, a website is even more important. Here are 4 reasons why a website is an essential factor in your small business planning.

Not Having a Website Is Less Professional

There have been countless times as a customer that I have been looking for a person’s website and I cannot find one. At that point, I usually give up since I can’t find what I need. That business has lost money. A small business with no website often leaves customers feeling frustrated and empty handed.

You Look Like You Do Not Want New Customers

When I find businesses that only have a Facebook page for their customers, I assume that they are not looking to grow their business. I say this because it seems like they aren’t willing to put in the work to give me the information I want as a potential client. It’s possible that they have enough business coming in that they are not looking for new customers. But for most small businesses that is not the case. On the contrary, having a beautiful and informational website lets new customers know that you are ready to help them with whatever service or product you provide.

Having One Reduces the Barrier for New Customers

When you have a website, you are able to lower the barrier for incoming customers. For many businesses, there are many options to compete with. If you do not have a website, there are a couple pit falls you could land in.

  1. Your potential customers may not be able to find you. Unless they are searching for your business by name, you may go unseen.
  2. Your potential customers may be discouraged that they aren’t finding the information they want quickly, so they move on to the next business. I have found myself in this place. I see a business that might fit my needs but I can’t find a website with the information I need so I move on feeling frustrated.

Having a website makes it more likely that new customers will find you and be satisfied with the level of information you can provide for them.

You Don’t Own Facebook

Many small businesses started with a Facebook page because it was simple, easy and free. All great things! Social media outlets like Facebook are a great way to increase the visibility of your small business and to grab new customers. But the truth is that social media pages are owned by big corporations. They can change their plans at any moment and you have no control over it. Facebook and other social media outlets have already experienced big changes over the last few years that have made it harder to be found as a business unless you are paying them for ads.

When you have a website, you own it so you can control what happens. A website also gives you so many advantages that are not available on a social media page. Social media is a great addition to a website but should not take the place of one.


If you’d like to talk to us about how we can work with you to create your new website (or update an old one!), we are ready to help you. Brilliant Impact has over 15 years of experience in web design and development. As small business owners ourselves, we are here to help make your business more visible and profitable. Contact us today!

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