Ways to Market Your Business

5 No-Brainer Ways to Market Your Business

Ways to Market Your BusinessLooking for a way to boost your business without a lot of pain? We’ve got 5 no-brainer ways to market your business, and most of them are completely free! So let’s dive in.

Social Media

Social media is a free and easy way to connect with your clients and future clients. Share interesting stories that relate to your business and offer special deals for those who follow you. For even more ideas on sprucing up your social media, give this article a read: How to Reach Clients Through Social Media Marketing.

Speak at Local Events

Whether you’re talking about your business or just doing a favor for a local cause, this will give your name and your business more recognition within your community. It’s a no brainer!

Create a Freebie

As a business owner or manager, you have lots of valuable information that you can share with potential clients. Create a free PDF to give to those who are checking your business out. It can be something they receive as an incentive for signing up for your newsletter (yes please!) or something similar. You can use something that you already use in your business or create a fresh new freebie just for this!

Run a Facebook Ad

Getting organic views on social media is getting harder and harder. Run a Facebook or Instagram ad to extend your reach beyond your normal circle. Facebook ads are relatively low cost and are super easy to set up. Make sure you set your demographics so you’re targeting the right audience with your ad.

Send Notes to Past Clients

Remind them that you’re still around and would love to work with them again whenever they need you. You could even find them sharing your name with new future client! You never now who may respond to your note saying hello.

Bonus: Use Video to Highlight What You Do

Special Bonus Idea!! We just met with a client today who said their business was a little slow. We suggested they use short videos to highlight the amazing projects they do. Short 15-30 second videos are effective ways to show what you do and get people interested. You can use these videos on your website and on social media as a way to market your business and engage with potential clients. For more helpful information on using video, check this article out: Increase Conversions by 80% When You Use Video!

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