How to Reach Clients Through Social Media Marketing

How to Reach Clients Through Social Media Marketing

Making the decision to have a social media presence seems like a no brainer. But when it comes to actually managing your social media accounts, you may feel lost. Today we’ll give you 5 simple tips for getting your social media plan off the ground and running! Let’s get started.

Be Consistent

As in most things, consistency is key. By having a consistent social media presence, you can increase your brand awareness. So next time your customers or future clients have a need that your company can fulfill, you are already on their mind. We suggest that you decide how much you want to post on each social media platform and then make it a priority to meet that goal.

Schedule Ahead

In addition to being consistent, it is extremely helpful to plan ahead and schedule out your social media posts. When you take the time to plan ahead, you can find great content, rather than posting anything just for the sake of posting. It is always better to share great content that you have prepared ahead of time. When you schedule ahead of time, you also can see any unwanted patterns that you may not see if you don’t plan ahead. For example, you may see that you’re sharing 2 images on Instagram that look almost identical. When you schedule ahead, you can spot patterns and adjust your social media schedule accordingly.

When you take the time to plan ahead, you can find great content, rather than posting anything just for the sake of posting. Share on X

Use Compelling Images and Videos

We live in a visual world and the images you share on social media matter! Whatever type of images you use, make sure that they are good quality and are consistent with the brand you want to portray. Another great tip is to use images that include happy, smiling people, with lots of light. Even if you are a funeral home, there are ways to find pictures that are consistent with your brand and service, while giving people a hopeful feeling when they see them.

Videos are another way for you to engage your followers. Videos garner 3 times as much engagement as sponsored Instagram photos and Facebook users view 8 billion videos every day. Videos and storytelling are keys to increasing social media engagement.  

Balance Your Posts

Make sure to have a balanced approach when it comes to the content you share on social media. Experts say that 30% of your posts should be about your services while the other 70% should be helpful, inspirational and interesting content. That doesn’t mean that the 70% shouldn’t be related to your business, but find fun and interesting content that goes along well with the services you offer.

Consider Using Stories

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories may be the right fit for your business. Using stories on your social media accounts allows your customers to have an inside look at your business. And because the videos typically disappear within 24 hours, they do not have to look extremely professional. Simply use your phone to capture interesting and helpful videos or pictures to share with your followers. Make sure to check out our article on Instagram Stories to find some helpful ideas on ways to use Stories on your social media platform.

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