Why You Should Be Using Video To Promote Your Business

Why You Should Be Using Video To Promote Your Business

Using video to promote your small business is one of the most effective ways to get views. The more people see your product and remember it, the more likely they will consider making a purchase. Using video has so many benefits. 


Did you know that 75% of people never make it past the first page of a website? People really don’t want to read page after page of words if it’s not compelling. Having a video to capture the attention of your customers and keep them interested is vital. You can use video to promote your small business and build brand recognition.


Tips on Using Video to Promote Your Business

Show what you do

Writing a description alone is not the most effective way to reach your entire target market. Imagine you just arrive home from IKEA with a giant box that includes 20 pieces and about 5000 nuts, bolts and screws. You open a giant map written in a million different languages with very vague stick figures telling you how to put it all together. How excited would you be to see a video that shows you how to put it together. You can go back and watch it as many times as you need. People are more likely to connect with something if they have a visual representation of what it is. So many of us are visual learners and that image and video will create a connection where customers will come back for your service. 


Be transparent 

Gone are the days where the more you could scam someone into believing a lie, the more business you got. Customers appreciate your transparency and want to know that you care about them and that your ultimate goal is to solve their problems. Creating a video of your process and how you will help solve their problems is a great way to connect with your customers. People want to know you have their best interest at heart. A video of your process is a great way to show that you are trustworthy and deserving of their business. 


Track your views

When you have a video people are more likely to push play and stay on your page longer. Another great feature with video is that you can track how many people have watched it. The more views you have the more likely your marketing is on track. When more people see your product they are more likely to think of you when they are in the market for your service.


Tell a stronger story

One of the most important pieces of marketing is to create a connection with your customers. An emotional connection that pulls on the heartstrings can create a loyal customer. When you provide a service that helps someone else be their best self they will always come back for more. The better the connection they have to you and your product, the more likely they are to share their own story and promote your business to others by word of mouth. Having videos is one of the best and most effective ways to build that connection and keep them coming back for more. 


Show up in more social feeds

Social media is now a part of our everyday lives. Whether you are following your favorite sports team, a social issue you care about or old grandma Myrtle in her retirement home, social media is here to stay. Reading a newspaper has been traded in for clicking on our phones and scrolling to see what is going on in the world and what everyone thinks of it. Video and images are king when it comes to what grabs our attention. When you do have a video it is so much more likely to make its way to a social feed and get clicked on. The endless scrolling for some is a great opportunity for you to build brand recognition.


It’s Time to Get Started

Creating videos to promote your business doesn’t have to be complicated. It all comes down to telling the story of your business in a way that connects you to your customers. You don’t have to take the journey on your own either. Whether you’re looking to showcase your video on social media or are just getting started, Brilliant Impact can help you. Let us get your story out further and connect your business with your ideal clients. Send us a message today to learn more on how we can partner together.

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