Business Planning in the New Year

Business Planning in the New Year

Did you make a new year’s resolution for yourself or your business?  We are well on our way into the New Year, how are those resolutions holding up? Whether or not resolutions are your thing or if you struggle to stick to them this is a perfect time to re-evaluate and be intentional about business planning for the year. 


Writing a good business plan is the first step in turning an idea into a functioning business. How many out there wrote their first business plan in a spiral notebook or even on a napkin? Most entrepreneurs start with a vision and a passion to serve others and that passion oozes out into the beginning stages of business planning.


Whether you are aspiring to be a new business owner or you are a seasoned veteran entrepreneur, business planning is essential. As you get ready to set new goals you must find out where you stand. 


There are multiple ways to find out where you stand. Doing audits of your systems, including the effectiveness of communication, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. There are a variety of ways to gain info, such as surveys and other feedback that can help you move forward with your business. As you understand the direction you want to go with your goals you can start putting it all down on paper. 


Write and Revamp Business Plan

Like I said earlier, some first business plans are full of passion but may lack direction or are incomplete. They can look more like hopes and dreams than a specific plan. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with dreaming, however business planning should be completed in detail. Visit the Small Business Administration to get some help with writing your own business plan


Audit the Communication and Organizational Culture

They say communication is key in successful relationships. You are creating relationships with your customers and you want it to be a fulfilling one. When planning for business it is easy to get caught up in your idea and the money goals. It is easy to overlook the communication within your organization as well as the communication between you and your consumers. This is a great time to check in and evaluate how effective you are communicating.


Avoid These Easy Mistakes


It can be easy to make mistakes in your business plan. One of the big ones is creating a plan that is too vague. A simple idea is not enough to get the ball rolling. We need ACTION steps. At the same time you don’t want to be too detailed to the point that there isn’t room to pivot plans if need be. Really great business planning is balanced and intentional. Proper planning helps set standards and provides a guide for action.


Updating and revamping Website and Social Media

Your website and social media presence is an important part of owning a business these days. The first thing people usually do when they need a service or product is to “google” it. Does your website pop up when potential customers search for the service you are offering? If the answer is NO, or “I don’t know”, your business planning for the New Year should include a revamp or even full redo of your website. Contact Brilliant Impact for an audit and get started on your best year of business yet. 

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