Do I Need to Update My Website

Do I Need to Update My Website?

Having a great website is a crucial part of owning a business these days. It is almost unheard of to have a business and not have a website. Just having a website though, is not enough, it must be a great updated website. The most coveted marketing scheme is to organically be the top find on a Google search


So you know you need to have a website to have a successful business. Over the last decade the internet and smartphones have taken over and become a daily part of our lives. From personal trainer sessions to doctor visits, it’s all there. Like no other time in history is it crucial to have a website that is easy to find and use. 


6 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Website

Staying relevant with the most recent technology

In the last decade we went from having simple flip phones and if you were cool you had a great electronic ringtone. Now we have a computer in our pockets that can do anything from order pizza to start a multimillion dollar business. Every year web standards change and techniques to build websites advance. You don’t want to get left behind with an outdated website. 


Make it more up to date and visually appealing

It is important to update websites simply to make sure that the content is still relevant. If your website is poorly designed or out of date, people will think the same of your business. 


Ordering online

This year is a great example of the need to update your website. With the aftershocks of a pandemic still being felt, many businesses have had to learn the importance of using their service without any physical contact. If you can’t order or receive service online you are missing out on a giant opportunity for business. 


Update website content to reflect current world status

Another example is the need to update content. If you have a blog that was written about 5 ways to connect with others and none of them mention social distancing it becomes completely irrelevant at this point in time. 


Easier and quick navigation

The quicker and easier a website is to navigate the more likely someone is to continue to engage with the site. If a potential customer has to go through hoops to make a purchase or find the services you provide they are more likely to leave the site. Many older sites have exhaustive menus that are overwhelming and unnecessary. When you update your website, you can streamline your website so your customer can easily navigate to the information they are looking for. 


SEO Content

One of the most helpful ways for your clients to find you organically is through search engine optimization (SEO). Whenever you update your website, you are signaling to search engines like Google that you are still in business and still looking for new customers! Their robots will re-index your website and if the SEO on your website is better, you will get a bump up in your organic search results. Who doesn’t want more of that!


Should I Update or Redo My Website?


The question now comes up, do I need to totally redo my website or just make some updates? Every business is different but experts are now saying that you should redo your website every 3-4 years. For some perspective, the standard used to be 6-7 years. If it has been over 6 years, we definitely recommend redoing your website. If your website is between 3-6 years old, you may be able to make simple updates to help the performance of your website. 


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