Creating a Culture of Thankfulness in Your Business

Creating a Culture of Thankfulness in Your Business

Have you created a culture of thankfulness in your business? November is here and Thanksgiving is just days away. It is the time of year we are intentional about bringing awareness to what we are grateful for. Has that thankfulness overflowed into your business practices? Successful businesses don’t happen single handedly. There are so many people and so many ways to be thankful for the progress you have achieved. 


When you own a business of your own you know you didn’t get there alone. Remember that first client you had or the first time someone made a purchase from you? Your thankfulness was through the roof. Continue to create a culture of thankfulness and build stronger client relationships while you’re at it. 


Being appreciated is one of those feelings that everyone longs for. It feels so good to hear another person say, “I appreciate you”. The time or money spent on that person or business starts to feel like a valuable investment when we know we are appreciated. Whether in life or business, showing appreciation and expressing gratitude is one of the most solid ways to build a relationship with others.


Let’s talk about some ways to create a culture of thankfulness in your business

Send a thank you email

Write a brief but memorable email saying thank you for their business. You want to send it out immediately after a purchase or interaction so they can directly relate your gratitude to the purchase they made. When writing the subject of the email make sure to use positive language that conveys thankfulness.


Send out thank you cards

Another great way to create a culture of thankfulness is to send out an actual thank you card. There is something so lovely about getting a personalized card in the mail. If you can be personal and have some portion of the card handwritten to show that you went out of your way to say thank you. 


An example of what to write in a thank you card: “Thank you for trusting us with your service. Because of your business we are able to fulfill and reach our mission. Please contact us for any further needs, we are here for you”.


Include small business thank you cards with each purchase

Create a cute little business card that has all of your contact information. The card will also have a message thanking the client for their service. I really love this idea because it is cute, creative and can be passed along to someone else as a referral or kept to reach out for future purchases. 


Give back to others through your business

Take on a project or a client pro bono to share your services with those who might not normally be able to afford your expertise. Giving back to others is a fantastic way to remind yourself to be thankful for your business. You have talents that no one else has and you can share them with others who need them! How great is that!


Make the shift to create a culture of thankfulness in your business. When you do you will find your cup overflowing with even more to be thankful for. What are ways that you cultivate thankfulness in your business? Share them below!

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