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5 Ways to Create Hype When Launching Your Website

You have spent months maybe even years cultivating an idea from a tiny seed. The business plan is done. The all important name has been chosen. Now it comes to launching your brand new website. It is so exciting but can also be intimidating. Having a great website is such a major part of any successful business these days. What is an amazing website without traffic so that you can share your amazing service with your ideal audience?

When You’re Launching Your Website

So get ready to introduce yourself and your service to the world. Building hype for the launch of your website needs to be intentional. Here are 5 ways to create that hype.


  1. Warm up the audience.

    When a comedian goes on stage they have a warm up act. Your website launch is no different. Let the public get a little taste of the vibe that is to come. Put teasers out in advance to let people know who you are. Give a sneak peek of what you have been up to. Not just days before but months before. Show bits and pieces of the process as it unfolds and get them wanting to come back for more. 

  2. Connect with your “cheerleaders”.

      Who are your biggest fans and supporters? What connections do you have with others in a similar market that will help spread the word? Ask for support in sharing your services with others.

  3. Giveaways or special access.

    People love free stuff, especially when it is something that can really benefit them. Who doesn’t love going to costco to get free samples? If someone is in the market for your product or service giveaways will give them that little push to try something new with less risk and allows for you to earn their loyalty with the amazing service you provide. 

  4. Countdown to launch…3-5 days.

    As your launch day gets closer your personal calendar surely has a countdown. Share your excitement with your new audience. Start a countdown that creates that buzz around what you do and pique interest for customers to come to your site and  finally see all that you have to offer.

  5. Use video, eye catching images

    – and do it regularly. There are studies that show people are more likely to engage with information when there is an image to go with it. An attention grabbing photo or video can direct traffic to your new site. 


All of these have the same goal. The goal is to get connected with the audience who can most be helped by the product or service you are providing.  You need customers and they need a solution to their problem. You get to provide that for them.  Yay!

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