Quick Reference Size Guide to Social Media Images

Quick Reference Size Guide to Social Media Images

As business professionals we understand that social media is always changing. Everyday there seems to be a new influence changing the course of marketing competition and growth. It comes to no surprise that image sizes for social media platforms seem to be changing just as often. So, we have created a simple reference guide to help you create the best images!


Here is your quick reference guide for 2021.


Your Simple Size Guide To Social Media Images


Everyone wants to have eye-catching images for their business. You, too, can have sharp images that keep your target market coming back for more. Avoid the stress of having to constantly update your pixel-images and discover how easy it is to stay ahead!


All social media platforms will require their own sizing for their images. We have gathered the main image sizes that popular platforms are requiring for that perfect image. 




Profile Photo:       170 × 170 PX

Cover Photo:        400 × 150 PX

Square Image:   1200 × 1200 PX

Story Image:       1080 × 1920 PX




Profile Photo:       320 × 320 PX

Square Image:   1080 × 1080 PX

Story Image:       1080 × 1920 PX




Profile Photo:       165 × 165 PX

Profile Cover:       800 × 450 PX

Square Image:   1000 × 1000 PX




Profile Photo:       400 × 400 PX

Header Photo:   1500 × 500 PX 

Story Image:      1080 × 1920 PX


Tips to keep in mind when choosing social media images: 


  • Be mindful of the devices you are using when adjusting images. Although it may not harm your image appearance at all, it is good practice to be aware in case images do not come out clear. Images from desktop to smartphone may differ.


  • Have a hard time creating your own photos? Find free images from trusted sites online. Some adjusting may be required.


  • Keep your images the same for profile photos (and profile covers). This will help your clients find you. Depending on your company, avoid posting the same content to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can have one platform share the behind the scenes of your organization and another platform on your business’s products.


  • Not sure how to adjust your images? We are here for you! Speak with a trusted source who will direct you on how to make those changes, stress-free!


Brilliant Impact Is Here For You


We understand that it takes a lot of resources to keep your business operating. That is why we are here to help you lessen your stress-load! Let us take care of your social media marketing. Interested in learning more? Send us a message or give us a call today

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