Why your small business should be on social media

Why Your Small Business Should Be On Social Media

Why should your small business be on social media? Is it necessary? Many of us have a love hate relationship with social media. We love to scroll mindlessly through posts, pins and reels. At times we scroll with purpose, research, planning and learning.


 Social media really does have so much to offer and has taken over where multiple different forms of media used to do the job. We used to have to look up phone numbers, thumb through the dewey decimal system or wait until the newspaper was delivered to read the news. Now you can find what you need at the tap of the screen. 


Not only is social media convenient and entertaining. Social media is inexpensive as well as efficient for getting the word out about your business. Here are a few reasons why your small business should be on social media.


Show What You Are Doing Now

It is the norm to post on social media often, even daily. Social media is quick. Content can be written and posted directly to your prospective or returning customers. They will see, read, or watch your post within seconds of you posting it. This allows you to show what you are doing NOW.


Having a website is still a necessity and it will have all the information a customer needs to make buying decisions. However the buying decisions often start when a prospective customer sees a post on social media.


Making Personal Connections

Personally connect with customers and help to build relationships with your customers. Whether they are getting to know you as the business owner or the business itself the more they connect with the personality of your brand the more likely they are to come back for more interactions. Social media allows you to cultivate relationships and show your personal or brand personality.


Creating a Clear Message

What problems are you solving for your customers?

The nature of social media is to post short messages often. This format allows your customers to get a glimpse of what you do and how you do it. A series of short videos posted over a number of days can bring customers into your world in short spurts. 


Each time they can get a clearer picture of what your mission is. There is great success in establishing your brand attitude and letting them know that YOU have the solution to their problem.


Reaching a Wider Audience

“Going viral” is a term that we hear more and more these days. When something is shared via social media and then spreads quickly to millions of people online it has “gone viral”. This is a perfect example of how fast a message has the capability of being seen by a lot of people quickly, many of whom may be prospective customers. 


If one person has a positive experience with your product or service and they share it on their social media pages or platforms the message will be spread to all of their followers. If one or more of those people’s interest is piqued the cycle of sharing continues and your reach can go as far as the friends of your friends of your friends. Did you catch that? 


People Research Before Making Purchase Decisions

A high percentage of people research what they are going to buy before they buy it. Where do they look for research? Instagram reels, business Facebook pages and Pinterest. When someone is curious about a product they will check it out first before they make a buying decision. They are drawn in by friends who have used the product and shared the results. Prospective customers become customers when they like the vibe and the “personality” of the company. Using social media can help create that connection. 


Social media is an easy and effective way to reach more people and build stronger brand recognition. Contact Brilliant Impact today to get your free social media estimate. 

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