Social Media Trends for 2019

Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2019

The year has just begun but there are already social media trends that are making a mark on 2019. Not sure where to start with your social media campaign? We’ve got 5 social media trends that you should be adding to your plan.

Instagram Stories

With 500 million daily active users, Instagram stories is a great way to interact with future clients. For those who don’t know what Instagram stories are, here is a great introduction to them. Instagram stories allow your clients and potential clients an inside look at you and your business. Here are some ideas of Insta stories you can do:

  • Give a tour of your office
  • Introduce staff members
  • Answer FAQ’s
  • Talk about specials you have going on currently

Whatever you decide to share, make sure it’s either helpful, fun or interesting!

Use Videos

Another surefire way to engage in the top social media trends for 2019 is to incorporate videos into your social media strategy. Whether you’re on Instagram or Facebook, videos will help to garner more interaction with your clients and future clients. Videos on Instagram get 3x as much engagement as a sponsored Instagram photo does (wow!) And there are over 8 Billion views of Facebook videos every day. An interesting, fun or compelling video will help you increase your engagement with your customers.

Authenticity Matters

While the need for authenticity is not new to 2019, the importance of it is. Today’s social media users are becoming more and more savvy, so authentic and helpful content is key. Here are some tips to help you create authentic and interesting content:

  • Don’t post, just to put something up on your social media page. Quality over quantity matters!
  • Schedule out your social media plan so you aren’t left wondering what to post last minute. When you schedule ahead of time, you can create thoughtful and interesting content without the pressure.
  • Consistency is important! Whether you post once a week or once every day, try to be as consistent as possible.

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